Another Award? You Shouldn’t Have!


I have received the Glitter E. Yanus Award from This Chick, and here is Her description of the (a-hem) ‘Award’ :

 What, do you ask, is the Glitter E. Yanus Award exactly? Why it’s only the most prestigious award given to bloggers with rockin’ ghetto ass .

Well, I WAS born in the ghetto and I DO have a fine ghetto arse, so I accept.



The Glitter E. Yanus award.

Oh Joy, I can hardly contain my excrement excitement over this one.




Oh wait a minute, hold on- my dual personalities need to have a chit-chat with one another before I go any further.

SNAAP- Ginger! What in the hell are you doing?  Have you been toking AGAIN Ginger? Well HAVE YOU?

GINGER- Shut your face, SNAAP! Let me tell you something-  I, no, WE need these bat shit crazy people to like us! And do not forget it was that She-Man H.E. Ellis who was the first person to  ever comment on this Blog- WHERE is your loyalty??

SNAAP- really Ginger? REALLY? I am going to have to tell Mother about all of this now- it’s gone too far. I hope this doesn’t make Sister Sweet Bottom blush- you know she is the good one! And I thought having your fingerprints ‘in the system’ was your lowest point! NO! Now you are writing about your Be-Dazzled junk trunk?!? Or is it Glitter-Ass-Dazzled now? Did you forget that we have hemorrhoids? Glitter will only give us a flare up, for the love of God! That’s it! I am leaving- you have officially lost your Snaap, along with your damn mind.

GINGER- SNAAP! Come ON!  I need you to trust me on this one, OKAY? Look, I didn’t want to tell you this before but, that She-Man? H.E.? I am kinda afraid of her. I know she’s only Five-Foot-Short, but dynamite comes in small packages and I have no intentions of getting on her be-dazzled bad-ass side, OK? Come on Snaap- I can’t be just ‘Ginger’- I neeeeeed you.

SNAAP- Well, since you put it that way, I suppose I could ‘get your back’ on this one. You owe me Ginger. And I’m not paying for the next batch of Preparation H.

Whew! Now on to the Rules:

1.Name 5 things you would stick up your Junk Trunk if you were forced to. 2. Tell at least 5 things you do that would make people want to kill you or, at the very least Hate you for the rest of  their lives. 3. Blindfold yourself & walk out into traffic on the Highway. 4. Pick 5 Bloggers to BULLY with this (a-hem) ‘Award’.

 Here goes it:

5 Things I would stick up my arse if I had to:

1. H.E.Ellis- she NEEDS to be silenced and my Plus sized Junk Trunk is just the thing to silence her with. Bam.

2. This Award- I need more Glitter up there.

3. This Blog Post- so NO ONE actually reads it.

4. FRANK STALLONE- just for ‘shits, glitter & giggles’ at H.E.’s expense.

5. The DELETE button- because I have OBVIOUSLY forgotten how to use it.


5 Things you do that make people hate you/ want to kill you.

1. Can’t think of anything….

2. Still thinking…

3. Nope, nothing yet…

4. Oh! I KNOW! I have FABULOUS hair that looks PERFECT 98% of the time and is really shiny and MOST WOMEN hate me for THAT. Don’t hate me because my hair is beautiful. ‘Dontcha wish your Hair-do was Hot like mine? Dontcha wish your Hair-do was a freak like mine? Dontcha’?

5.  Gloating about my perfectly coiffed, shiny, and gorgeous hair.

 ***Ginger & Snaap are BOTH extremely Cluastrophobic, and WILL NOT be blind folding themselves and walking anywhere. They may attempt to Blind Fold Mountain Man and SHOVE him out into traffic. Maybe.** 

5 Nice people I HAVE to nominate for this:

Vent Already- the ONLY reason I am doing this to her is because she is new and I want all the ‘cool’ kids to like her. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

Old Dog New Tits- I think she is Glittery to the core. It’s the New Orleans way, I think.

Mona Lisa Memoirs- She laughs at my  horrible jokes and inflates my ego. Glitter yourself girl!

What I Meant 2 Say-  This is not for Mrs. Firepants, this is specifically for WonderButt- her Bull Dog. WonderYanus.

A Side Of Rice- she has boys, so she needs some Glitter in her life.

Sorry I had to mix you up in all of this crap, but hey, it’s Glittery!


and Glitter!


18 thoughts on “Another Award? You Shouldn’t Have!

  1. Well look at how you shine girl! Congratulations – I am coming at this from the optimistic POV because um I got one too :-) so I can’t make too many cracks ….. ba dum dum chhh*!
    yea i do wish my hair was hot like yours – but you don’t have to rub it in – oh wait yea you did ok I ‘ll get over it…
    Yay! (it’s on the award too) :-) Peace

    You know with both of us having glittery behind areas we would be a force to be reckoned with in the same zio code – probably get run outta town but that’s part of the coolness….don’t ya think?

    • Yes- Guap Tart got to you before I did,dammit! I wanted to glitter your arse FIRST!
      Gurl- we so cool, they would have to build us a new town just for our cool backsides. Not because they are big, but because they are sooooo fine. Buttalicious. Rumpalicious. Humpalicious. Spankalicious.

  2. People who glitter yaynus are the luckiest yaynuses in the world! You are so deserving of all the things! Your hair is shiny and clean, like someone who sometimes gives a crap what she looks like! You must use that stuff that makes coats – I mean, hair – shiny all day!

    ARe you still talking? REally? AM I gonna double cap every line from here on out? Screw it. I live on the edge. I’m on the Schindler’s List of the grammar nazis! Wow, how wildly inappropriate was that analogy, huh?

  3. You totally rock the Yaynus, GS.
    And if you actually do stuff number 1 in the trunk of junk, kindly post pictures.
    Congrats on winning the coolest award ever,

    And how did you decide you didn’t have enough glitter up there? How much, exactly, is the standard?

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