Today, DJ GingerSnaap is gonna bring you the beats to get your booty shakin’ and make this Monday shine like the top of the Chrysler building….

Get your dancing shoes on, or not- whatever will make this house party more enjoyable for y’all is A-Ok by me!


Ladies, do you ‘ like what I see when I’m  looking at me when I’m walking past the mirror’…


This is a fun little ditty.. buzzy, even…


My secret lovaaaaaaa……


Today we are all bringing sexy back, by GingerSnaap Royal Order!


Let’s hear it for the boy…


It isn’t nice to leave a girl hanging…


Where my gurlzzzzz at?


Do you remember?


Oh whatcha gonna do? You gonna get down?


Where did you come from baby?


This one is for my Goober-Girl…




Skater Boys Favorite… how low can you go?


Let’s pretend it’s ‘Back Beat Tuesday’ at Beat Club Cincinnati…

Today, if you do nothing else, I hope you


38 thoughts on “#MondayMorningDanceParty

  1. awesome! I am groovin and a movin! and it;s party time tomorrow for someone’s BIRTHDAY too… hmmmmm shake shakea shake shake…. jiggle jiggle (yes I jiggle a little when I dance dare anyone to say anything!!)

    I gotta pretty new sundress to wear to the paaarrrtaayyyy…. :-) only missing the Gaga – I mean you asked..BUT with this line hardly at all…. barely notice..

    plus I just know Guapman doesn’t like her… almost as much as the Veggietales :-)

  2. I was dancing in my kitchen as I made breakfast this morning, then sat down to check my email, then had to get up and dance some more. Thanks for more reasons to shake my booty, birthday girl.

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  4. Happy birthday (I saw a little something on Guap’s blog…) I hope you have a fantastic day. Great music – I’m dancing in my seat here! I think you may have scored a new following with that list :)

  5. Good Morning and Happy Birthday. Quite the uhhh, eclectic set of tunes. I already broke a chair. El G’s post with Pete Rose has scared me away from his blog (at least until his next post). Thanks for the blog rolling as well. Enjoy your day. It will be way more fun than mine. I have the day off and I’ll be spending 3 or 4 hours with my financial advisor. Hopefully he lets us do some more travelling this yera hahaha

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  7. Happy Birthday and OH MY GOD! You posted one of my (and my 18 year old daughter’s) favorite songs of all time.. Let’s Dance to Joy Division. You just received one FREE Big-Ass Smile from YoYo-Dyne ;)
    The Power of Wombats Compel me to Follow you!
    Dance On. Great list of tunes.

    • Thank You! I am glad you like it, but I can’t take the credit for that one. Somebody ( El GuapTart) tweeted the name of that song last week while at their concert- I listened to it and liked it, and volia- here she is!


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