Do You Have The Time?


Shiny Friends, Romans, Blogger-Men,


Lend me your ear or, at the very least, your eyes.

No, actually, I want your fingers. Yes, I said your fingers! Give them to me! NOW!  Get them out of your butt and let me have them! Please!

Wait, would you mind washing your fingers before you give them to me? Thanks!

Are they clean now?



Now, listen to me or read me very carefully-

You are going to take those freshly washed fingers of yours and you are going to use them to click on the super shiny magical link towards the bottom of this post. That super shiny magical link is going to take you to the Week One Voting Page for a contest called Blogger Idol”.   When you arrive at the Week One Voting Page for Blogger Idol, you will see a cute little Voting Box thingy with 13 names listed in said Voting Box thingy. I want you to find within that Voting Box thingy a name that says “Edward Hotspur”. Once you find a name that says “Edward Hotspur” within the Voting Box thingy, I want you to click on the little circle next to that name.

You with me so far?


Now, this next and almost final step is THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE, so pay attention! After you click on that little circle next to that name I mentioned, you will then click on the little square box at the bottom of the Voting Box thingy that says “VOTE” so you can have your vote cast for awesomeness!






Gawd. Do I have to dumb down everything for you people?


Here is the Blogging for Dummies version of what I just said up there:



Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.


Here is the magical link you must click on which will take you to the Week One Voting Page with the Voting Box thingy:




Go! Now! And don’t forget to wash your hands!




*This ad was not paid for or endorsed by the Blogger Idol committee, Judges, or their Sponsors.

**This ad is merely an attempt to suck up to Mr. Silly Person.

***This ad is a suck up because, when he wins, he will owe me a favor for pimping him out.

****This ad does not mean I will carry his purse or his ‘man-sack’, ever.


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