Some E Cards!




I, your utmost esteemed and GingerLicious Ginger in all the GingerLand,  AM TOTALLY ADDICTED TO someecards!! I can’t stop making these cards. I mean I simply CANNOT!


And now I will bore you with my fantabulous Card Creations- please don’t trip over my awesomeness, okay?







































































































I think every last one of you looking at these needs to go over to someecards and make some of your own masterpieces!




13 thoughts on “Some E Cards!

  1. I LOVE THESE !! you are brilliant!! i get card block when i go – i sit there and cant think of anything clever.. if I do I will let ya know tho – these are great! for real! not just saying that cause i love you – well i mean now it looks like i am – but im not and i dont want you to think…fudgesicles i am totally sincere.. which now makes you wonder huh are there times when I am not? NO!! i just want you to know these really are excellent.. sigh.. <3


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