2 Things…

1. This was my FaceBook status this afternoon:

*Sigh* I am not having a good hair day y’all. What, I ask you, is going on in this world today? I mean, if this good hair day princess isn’t rockin’ it, then what’s next? One of the 7 plagues? Complete world destruction? A worldwide Botox shortage?  *sigh*

 This was a response to my FaceBook Status today:
Holly said– “I wondered why I heard hoofbeats…”
I said– “Holly,  I am afraid that the Book of Revelation is upon us… It HAS to be.”
 Holly said– “Yep.  There’s lots of talk of crowns etc.,  and everyone knows that applies to hair.  What else could it be?”

I feel EXACTLY the same way when my hair looks like shit.

2. This was my Blog FaceBook status 30 minutes ago (it’s a big, fat, run on sentence. Deal with it):

Don’t you just hate it when you are all pissed off at someone who lives in your house, and you have no choice but to huff your tired and pissed off self up to the bedroom, making sure to yell a few expletives and slam some doors for added effect of pissed off-dom, so you can permanently ass yourself to the bed, and then you realize while you’re assed to the bed that you are very hungry and *need* a coconut milk ice cream sandwich because you are allergic to regular dairy product ice cream sandwiches, so you have to *sneak* downstairs to get one so the someone you are pissed at doesn’t see that you have cracked under the pressure of your sweet tooth and didn’t, in fact, stay assed to the bed until his attitude changes? Yeah, I hate that too….

I dunno, I may or may not have been looking for that club and spade about 20 minutes into my marriage….

I hope all of you shiny people are having a very shiny evening! If you need me, I’ll be assed to my bed. Bring Coconut Ice cream Sandwiches, pretty please, with David Beckham on top.

35 thoughts on “2 Things…

  1. Sorry about your bad hair day – I’ll bet you looked stellar hot anyway!! And yeah, I can relate to being pissed off and then feeling like a tool because I have to be in their proximity… Enjoy your coconut ice cream sandwiches being fed to you by David Beckham while the world around you disintegrates!!! *hugs*

  2. LMAO… I so needed to see this right at this exact minute! You make me chuckle and I love it. Just read the quote to the hubs and he LOL too. Hmmmm…. maybe I should be concerned??? Nah I usually sleep with one eye open ;-)

  3. What? No pic of the bad hair? That’s bad form, Mr. Smee! Bad form.

    And I think that may have been one of the most shiny status updates of all time. Well played!

  4. Haha Ginger. I do hate when that happens though I’ve never heard the expression assed to the bed. I have yet to try cocoanut ice cream. Please tell me it doesn’t have any suger and I can eat them 24/7 and have it not affect anything to do with being “assed to the bed” .

  5. I’m sorry you are having a bad hair day Mama.. of had I guess the day is over.. I had one too… and a bad ass day too… my ass just isn’t getting any easier. And I ever heard the term assed to the bed either but its funny.. sometimes I am glad I am single… sigh..

  6. That marriage joke is seriously funny. It reminds me of an old classic.
    Life is like a shit sandwich… the more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat…
    I apologize for the bad language.
    I also apologize that it took me so long to hit your follow button. I am a self-obsessed individual. I have always loved your comments.


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