Can I get a What-What?


Ginger got a wicked blow to her ego today.


Her oldest Flesh Eater denied her in the hallway at the Junior High today.


1) Forgive me for ‘reading’ my cheater notes. I put this together in a hurry.

2) You will hear my phone ringing- you will get over it, I promise.

3) Yes, I know my “whatever” hand gesture is backwards.

4) It ends abruptly because, well, I was in a mood.

5) I did this in such a hurry that my damned hair and make up was a mess. Oh well.

6) Y’all love me. Don’t even try to deny it, yo.



Join me at my Pity Par-Tay ….





Damn kids are all TROLLS.





29 thoughts on “Can I get a What-What?

  1. Oh no you dint. BTW, did I ever mention how much I adore the jargon, “Flesh Eater?” Hella.

    Too bad about that other thing, though. There will come a day when you’ll look back on it more fondly than you’d ever guess. I call that day “tomorrow.”

  2. Ha… you really do say ‘ya’ll’… awesome…
    I like the way your words are out of sinc with your lips…
    Now do a video where you say; ‘My kung fu will beat your kung fu’… please…

  3. Oh my complete and total fucking god of Skittles, I have never liked you more than I like you right now after watching that video. You are a natural! You should have your own show! You’re talented, entertaining, *ahem* easyontheeyes *ahem*, and you’re like 45 minutes down the street from me.

    I am extremely impressed by you right now. *swoon* Just fuck. Just, fucking wow.


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