Romantic Monday: You


Friends, once again we are celebrating ROMANTIC MONDAY!

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I don’t need diamonds

For you put a priceless sparkle in my soul.


Forget the candles, baby

Because we’ve got a wildfire burning between us.


Vacations in exotic places?

They are nothing compared to the trips of ecstasy we take in the night.


An expensive dinner at a 5 star bistro

Is no match for the 100 star feast we had in our kitchen.


The ladies of society wear emeralds around their necks

Yet they are green with envy over our love.


You can adorn me with chains of gold

But your kisses gild my lips with a midas touch.


Take me to the symphony with world-renowned soloists

And watch them stop to listen to our concerto of seduction.


A red carpet gala where we gaze upon beautiful people?

Their faces will be the color of crimson when in the presence of our award worthy passion.


Nevermind the fine wine

I will make you drunk from carnal bliss.


Why buy for me a fancy car that is rare

When you drive me to the brink of euphoric madness with your raging horsepower?


A Rolex watch will not be able

To keep time from standing still when we our bodies are in synch.


I have no desire for a luxury yacht

Only a yearning so sail in your high seas.


You can build for me an elaborate chateau in the Alps

But it will crumble like sand in our tsunami of flirtatious daydreams.


To look at a wall filled with exquisite art

Is futile when I am blinded by your existence.




My spirit entrusted to you, my body lavished upon you.

You make the sun set, and command it to rise once again

With one small intoxicating whisper.

The moon glows over each nocturnal caress

And creates a moonstruck cradle of enchantment between us.


Your worth is beyond the richness of one thousand deep sea pearls

And one million pieces of dark chocolate.

I need not the things of this wicked world to be happy

I simply want what you have always given me

With your own free will, with your entire being



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


10 thoughts on “Romantic Monday: You


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  4. I loved this. It was epic.
    But come on… you aren’t really going to turn down the diamonds, gold, emeralds, rolex, yacht and chateau are you? Because I will take ’em if you don’t want to. He doesn’t even have to sleep with me.


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