We are getting ready to head out so we can cut down our Christmas tree, and no one- not ONE of us- is in a ‘cut down our Christmas tree kind of mood. We are all in more of a ‘cut your toe off on purpose’ kind of mood.
Anyway, this whole ‘bad mood thing’ reminded me of a fun litttle ditty I ‘wrote’ last year around this exact time! It fits perfectly with our current ‘I think I might hate you’ emotions!

Enjoy, again!!

OhMyGawd... Just Do What I Say!

Ahhhh, December- the lovely month of dysfunction at it’s finest, constant stress and Passive Aggressive behavior. In honor of this blessed season, I have re-written a popular Holiday Song that sums up my own personal feelings regarding the things mentioned above.

Sooo, instead of  ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’, I give you, without further adieu…….



Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening?

In the Lane, Rage is glistening.

A typical sight,

We’re all pissed off tonite,

Walking in Dysfunction WonderLand.

Gone away is the Romance,

Here to stay is ‘You’ve Got No Chance’,

She sings a hateful song,

As she goes along,

Walking in Dysfunction WonderLand.

In the BackYard we can build your DogHouse,

And pretend that you are not a Louse.

Some say ‘Are You Married’?

I say ‘Hell Yes Man’!

But we do a good job of fooling the town.

Later on, I’ll conspire,


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  1. Song is brilliant. Sad is how often families preparing to go do something “fun” and “traditional” are instead in that cut your toe off kinda mood. Big hugs to you.

  2. I hear ya sister… I like what ya did with the place.. i was gonna decorate with this theme too – its so festive – your version is the best i have seen it. It took me all that time to do what i did so i just said eh nevermind… this is perfect love it. Watch Family Vacation Christmas.. If you dont get in the festive spirit from that ,,well I dunno – but I lknow you will laugh.
    Grace? oh she dies yeeeasss ago.. “the BLESSING”
    now you are curious.. rent it ;-)


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