Karen & Richard

I hate The Carpenter’s.

Him: Karen, I just pooped in my pants. Her: Stop acting like a Richard, Richard.

Him: Karen, I just pooped in my pants.
Her: Stop acting like a Richard, Richard.

No, not the guys who do construction and wear muscle shirts and get all sweaty and wear hard hats….. the Brother/Sister singing duo in that photo up there. I especially hate it when their Christmas music is played on the radio. Makes me have convulsions and foam at the mouth. Or maybe that’s just the chili I made for dinner. No, no, noooooo, it’s definitely the Carpenters Horrible Holiday Sounds. Can I get a witness? Care to preach it on the altar of this is the worst holiday music ever made in the history of holiday music? No? Then you can go straight to hell in a Karen Carpenter handbasket, with a side of Richard in your mouth.


Do you see what happens to me when I even THINK about them? It adds to my evil ugliness. Or maybe it enhances it? I don’t know.

In honor of my hatred of all things “The Carpenters”, I have re-written one of their Christmas songs for you, GingerSnaap style! I really hope you enjoy it and that it makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. But if you DO feel warm and fuzzy all over, it could be because you just tinkled a little bit in your panties, or not, no need to tell me about it…

So, without further ado, rambling/intro-ing/or segway-ing, I give you my version of “Merry Christmas Darling“…

Asshat Christmas letters have all been sent

The holiday rush is through

But I still have one oath to make

A special vow for you

Merry Christmas darling

We’re apart that’s true

But I can dream stalk, and in my dreams

I’m stalking the hell out of you.

Holidays are stressful

There’s always a creep or two

And everyday’s a holiday

When I’m lurking near to you

The lights on your tree

You didn’t know I could see

I wish you weren’t this way

The logs on your home fire

Fill me with much desire

To illegally touch you and to say

That I’ll stalk you this Christmas, darling

And on New Years too

I’ve just one wish

On this Christmas Eve

I wish you weren’t with Hugh

No, I wish you weren’t with Hugh…

Yes, those logs on your fire

Compel me to conspire

Against you and to hatefully say

That this is Hugh’s last Christmas

No more New Years too

My one small wish

On this murderous eve

Is to be murdering Hugh for you.

I will murder Hugh for you…

Merry Christmas, darling.

There, thats better, isn’t it?

Here is the real video/song/lyrics if you are so inclined to bore yourself to death and back by listening to it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post titled “Stuff I Would Waste Money On If I Had Any Money To Waste- The Holiday Edition”!

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Unless you are The Carpenters- then you will spread hatred and damnation that makes Baby Jesus cry on the 7th day and the world will cease to end because the tears of Baby Jesus will flood the earth.

Unless you are The Carpenters- then you will spread hatred and damnation that makes Baby Jesus cry on the 7th day and the world will cease to end because the tears of Baby Jesus will flood the earth.

62 thoughts on “Karen & Richard

  1. That opening line made my heart sink. Though I think you may have mentioned your hatred when I did a cover version contest of them – a lot of people did actually. I have a soft spot for them which goes against all my music taste.

  2. Yesterday I got all dorky with my hair and Mr Cheeky called me Karen Carpenter. We laughed..hard..then I knocked out most of his teeth. I’m the only one laughing today. Nice post! Song made me a little teary eyed, and maybe a little more likely to watch my back.

  3. Best post. Ever.

    You won’t come back from Deadman’s Curvy, Johnny Angel. I guess that’s what happens when You’re A Runaround Lover. Luckily they say Santa Claus has A Thousand Eyes.

    I love me some Carpenters. Ho ho ho!

    That poem? Forget about it! A new Christmas classic is born! Can I license it for a Christmas musical?

  4. So many Christmas albums have that cheesy, yuck factor, don’t they? The only one I really, truly like is Chris Isaak’s. That one’s a good one. Aaron Neville’s is pretty decent, too. Beyond that, barf bag time.

    • Funny, the only favorite album I have is a cheesy one from 1974 by Roger Whittaker. We listened to it over and over and over again, and I have copy here at the house. CHEEEESY, but holds lots of memories..

  5. Why is everybody so Grinchilicious today? I did a cool original song video. I am doing my part to keep up the holiday spirit for the few days we have left before our planet goes hurtling off into space like a dimly glowing cinder!

  6. oh Ginger – how did you become so bitter… good thing I read this I was dedicating a Carpenter Xmas Carol just for you… no I wasn;t – just kidding and I will cringe everytime I hear the Carpenters form this day forth.. in solidarity – or something similar.. you are a nut – but that;s just one of a gazillion reasons I love you ..

  7. I’m on the
    Top of the world
    Looking down on creation
    And the only explanation I can find
    Is the love I’ve found
    Ever since you’ve been around
    You’re love’s put me up on top of the world!

  8. Awwww man….to my honest I sort of like that song….but I gotta admit…

    I LIKE YOURS BETTER!!! And now any time it comes on I’ll turn it up, just so I can sing THESE lyrics instead.


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