Merry Day!


” A thrill of hope

The weary world rejoices

For yonder breaks

A new and glorious morn “


GingerSnaap Trivia: Those words penned above are by far my most favorite lyrics ever written in the history of lyrical writings!

No matter who or what you do or do not believe in, I submit that we have all found ourselves to be weary in some way or another. I know I have.


Far too often, in my opinion.

Yet in all my weariness, and in all of my dark, black nights, “a new and glorious morn” has always brought forth hope. The kind of hope a soul clings to in a world full of uncertainty and ugliness. When we allow ourselves to embrace the word ‘hope’, it is a thrill unlike any other. It is cause for rejoicing, for celebrating, for giving it away to those who most need it, to those who cannot grasp it for themselves!

Hope is what I bind myself to. It is what brings me peace- the kind of peace that surpasses all earthly understanding.

My wish for you, in this brief moment, is that a Thrill of Hope finds you and settles in your spirit. No one is unworthy of something more, something better, something meaningful- whatever that may mean to you personally. Hope is as constant as the sun rising and ours for the taking- it is meant for a weary world!

And, since I have your undivided attention, I will tell you this as best I can…

You are all very shiny people and make my world brighter. Your friendship- yes,I consider y’all to be my friends- is priceless and a gift that keeps on giving. I pray that heaps and heaps and HEAPS of blessings will be poured out onto you and yours!  I swear to you that I am *damn near* to having misty eyes and shit while writing this. Gawd.

Merry Christmas and much love to YOU!

21 thoughts on “Merry Day!

  1. Mollie,
    Thank you for this one. Holidays are often stressful… the gifts, the running around, the consumerism. Yet, my son is sitting by my side as I write this, he’s playing on his laptop. we’ve stopped running for the day, and I was able to enjoy your words… I can’t thank you enough for writing them. Happy holidays, and much, much love to you and yours.

  2. Happy Christmas, Mollie. You have given me many bright spots this year. I am grateful for you, <3 Much love to you and all of yours this holiday. <3 xxx

  3. That’s the best wish ever, It’s a pleasure and an privilege to know you, Ginger.

    To you, Mountain Man, the flesh eaters, and all of your extended real and virtual family, nothing but the best in the years to come!

  4. I may have gotten a little misty myself. Thank you, Ginger, and I hope you have yourself a merry little Christmas. I’ve got my fingers crossed for happiness for you, and for a Beckham under the tree.


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