About Oh.My.Gawd.


OhMyGawd, Just Do What I Say is the BrainChild of two very witty, very charming, very intelligent, very classy and very humble chicks who happen to think that what they say (within their homes) matters. Chick # 1 and Chick # 2 ( GingerSnaap and Sassy) will be your Co-Hosts this evening, so sit back and enjoy the ride read.

You can read about them separately if you use your trigger finger and click their Bio tabs somewhere up there. This will allow you to study their ridiculously interesting info/bio/mission statements/last will and testaments/cholesterol counts/terms of involvement clauses,and other general bullshits that they wish for you to commit to your memory, should you feel so inclined to do so. We seriously worry about your spiral into the dark and monstrous pits of hell if you do actually want to commit our any of our information to your memory. What the hell is wrong with you and what the hell are you doing here? Go drink some vodka instead.

DISCLAIMER-  Chick # 1  and Chick # 2 are alike in MANY ways and different in MANY ways. We cannot be held responsible for what the other one says at any given time. We CAN, however, be held responsible for you laughing til you tinkle in your panties, cuz you will. 

60 thoughts on “About Oh.My.Gawd.

  1. Can I come hang out with you all? Sounds way more fun than where I am at and I think we would get along – not get much done but yeah get along just great! You may or may not find me in your spam box -I do not belong in that can! – yea right say all the spammers – no for reallies I am having an issue right now – unsightly need to get it removed but I …oh sorry …the issue about spam – I am not spam please don’t you believe I am for one stinkin spammy minute…..look at me going on a bout me like its about me ..that butterfly got me thinking I was doing something else.
    more proof – I can write complete sentences using correct grammar and can, if needed, demonstrate my understanding of the English language….?
    Come over my way sometime soon – before you get distracted and forget – which I more than understand or I wouldn’t mention it. :-) Peace

  2. I love me some Ginger — with a whole lotta Snaap!! As I am a virgin blogger, it has taken a good 20 minutes JUST to figure out where the dam reply button was(is) – I really wanted to reply to your awesome sauce blog, but I could not figure out how to do so…… So, – it is here, that I am presenting you with the Awesome Sauce Award!~!!!!

    • Oh for Christ’s sake H.E., are you mad at me?
      Well, since I’ve been known to shit glamour, I guess I accept the Glitter E. Yanus award.
      Are there any ‘crappy’ rules I have to follow?

  3. As the first person ever to comment on your ‘about’ page, it gives me great pleasure to give you the EHF Award – the Edward Hotspur ‘Finished’ Award. You get the award, and then you just sit there and look pretty, get recognition, and that’s it! No further actions required! You’re done! Hooray!

    I might change the name of the award now that I look at it. Hmmmm…..

  4. Yeah, ok, I finally got around to blogrolling you. Because the title is too goddamn long to remember and type every time I want to be reminded how uncool I am compared to you.

    So deal with it.

  5. GingerSnaap:
    Congratulations! You’re in the Choose Your Own Blog Adventure! From this day forward, if someone were to wander around long enough in the Halls of Madness, eventually they would find some type of portal, window or exit that leads them to your blog! http://wp.me/P1CLmE-j3

    • Oh Snaap! Did I leave that banana peel by the door again? I’m sorry- are you hurt?

      Well, since you’re here, let me say Welcome darlin & tell you a little bit about the place…

      Adult beverages are in the fridge, diet coke is in the garage. Your servers names are listed on the Blog Roll to your right and that big slobbery dog in the corner won’t bite as long as you are shiny. Profanity is encouraged but not mandatory. And please, for the love of all things good & decent, have a laugh on us, or about us- either is fine.

      Have a seat on the big comfy couch and remember honey, don’t drink and blog.

      Glad you could make it to the Par-Tay!

    • I scared her away, I think.

      Don’t tell her I told you, but she is the ‘real’ writer in this duo and is working on some other projects that I’m sworn to secrecy about.

      I’ve threatened to out her true identity if she doesn’t get her shiny ass back here soon.

  6. Hey there, just popping in to cement/defend my space as your top commenter.

    No, I haven’t been 12 years old for years. Why do you ask?

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  11. Actually I´m pretty sure I drank vodka for all of your life in one day of my life, got a nice big liver he can tell you so, so I´ll stick around see what goes around.

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