GingerSnaap, And The ADHD Chronicles







I am getting ready to educate you all on the wonders of the ever elusive ADHD- that’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, for all of you un-educated folks.


This subject is very near & dear to my lil ole heart for several reasons:

1) I have ADHD.

2) My son, Skater Boy,  has ADHD.

3) I think Mountain Man has a form of ADHD (without the H).

4) I am certain at least 1 more of my children has ADHD.

5.) My mother has it, but is not aware that she does.

Please, don’t tell her I said this as I don’t want to be written out of the Will- it’s my kids only chance of getting a college education.


Now, since this topic is so broad, I have dedicated a separate & exclusive page for me to ramble on about my own personal journey to finding sanity with ADHD.  In my life, ADHD has been both a blessing and a curse, often at the same time. It takes up so much space in my brian, literally, so it deserves to take up a lot of space on my blog.


Here are a few of my goals:

To both give understanding and gain understanding of  this ridiculously mis-understood disorder.

To pass on resources that have been imperative to my managing ADHD.

To pass on resources that have been imperative to managing my child’s ADHD.

To (hopefully) have discussions with other ADHD-ites out there on all of the above!

To convince my Blog partner, Sassy, to give an account of what it’s like to have a conversation with me when I am in ‘Full-On ADHD mode’. Friendship with me is NOT for the weak or easily angered.


What I don’t want to happen is the following:


No one may tell me that I don’t have it or that ADHD isn’t real.

 I swear, on my NIV Life Application Study Bible, if you even try to allude to that or flat-out say it, I will pray that the very fingers you are typing with get stuck so far up your arse, that there will be no chance in hell they will ever come back out again. And then I will delete you, so it won’t matter if you try to pass on your ignorance, may God forgive you.


The first installment (**due out sometime in the next 12 months**) will be a GingerSnaap breakdown of  ‘what ADHD is’, or how I came to finally figure out what the hell it meant and where in the brain this little devil hides!


In the meantime, if any of y’all out there in CyberSpace have any specific questions or comments, feel free to shoot me an email at


Right now, I will share just a few of many online ADHD resources that I simply cannot get enough of:

Adult ADHD Help  is the name of the blog and it is chock full of information that is EASY to read and navigate for my fellow ADHD-ites! is another fine ADHD woman with tons of insight and wit!


Happy Reading and stay tuned for the next installment of…..

GingerSnaap, and the ADHD Chronicles


*Photo compliments of The Great Edward Hotspur*



**Please note that this page is currently under construction and probably will be for a very loooooong time**


My First attempt at describing what ADHD is to me:


1) A Tale of Two Buckets


2) ADHD, Our Own Personal Hell


3) Tales Of A Fourth Grade Something


9 thoughts on “GingerSnaap, And The ADHD Chronicles

  1. I am an elementary teacher, and I have taught many children with ADD/ADHD. I applaud and appreciate your honesty on this topic; the vibrance and zest of these students continue to inspire me. You have my permission to beat the hell out of anyone who says it isn’t real, though; watching my students who struggle with extreme forms of this breaks my heart at times. I try really hard to work with my parents who are uncomfortable with medicating their kids, though, to provide support for these students within my classroom. I believe there are alternatives that work for these kids, but I’ve seen how life-changing meds can be. Because our educational system is so totally one-size-fits-all, meds seem to be the only option for some. I’m done now…thanks for listening…thanks for bringing this issue out…

  2. Good work and brave work as a well.

    I suffer from BiPolar Disorder and completely understand the ignorance surrounding any type of mental disease or disorder. The masses prefer ignorance over science, statistics, clinical trials, research and the study of medicine.
    It’s so much easier to place blame on the person suffering. If one more cretin tells me ‘it’s all in my head’ (derp) and ‘pull myself together, pull yourself up by your bootstraps!’ I may eventually be driven to homicidal as opposed to suicidal ideation -wicked grin-.

    Looking forward to hitting your links, learning more and reading your witty repartee on our common friend’s comment pages.
    Be Well!

    p.s. bonus points for using the cool image from Hotspur heh.

    • Funny- my ADHD therapist was saying the same thing to me and my hubsters today- about the ‘ try harder’ and ‘pull yourself together’ mentality. It’s ignorant at best when that shit gets thrown my way. I laugh and say “if I could JUST TRY HARDER, don’t you think I would”???

      My 10 yr old has ADHD as well and it has been an interesting journey trying to mange his while having it myself. Crazy Town Up In Here!!!

      I like you- you’re shiny! You can stay- for a looooong time :o)

      • Perfect response to the therapist -have used the same one myself.
        Thanks for the props; not only am I shiny but also make rapid darting movements.
        Cats dig me.

  3. Ginger,
    I’ve been meaning to ask you this for awhile but just never got around to it… Would you be interested in guest blogging for Black Box Warnings? It’s my “serious” blog, which mostly chronicles my son’s life with ADD, while on Concerta (I was court ordered to put him on methylphenidate although I wanted to explore holistic avenues first). I feature one guest blogger per week, sometimes it’s a parent, sometimes it’s someone who lives with AD(H)D, and sometimes it’s a health professional. BBW is not as popular as A Clown on Fire, but it does get a bit of traffic. It’s also becoming a nice resource of information… I’d love to have you as a guest blogger.
    Eric (Le Clown)


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