A Very Foolish Birthday!

Oh.My.Gawd... Is it El Guapo's Birthday?

Oh.My.Gawd… Is it El Guapo’s Birthday?


TODAY’S MUSIC: The Wombats: Let’s Dance To Joy Division




Dearest Shiny Friends,

In the words of the Birthday Boy himself…


As the world spun earlier today, and time crept forward across the planet, something happened. Something Magical. The date changed, and it became December 6th


And WHAT, might you ask, is so special about December 6th?

Ummm, hello? Are you not paying attention??



Allow me to tell you how this friendship with the infamous Guapper began…

It was around this time last year that I first ran into Mr. Guacamole Bits when he commented on a poem I wrote about my struggles with ADHD. I remember being impressed by his genuine questions on how people without the disorder could help those of us with it. I didn’t know complete strangers in the blogosphere could be empathetic. And that he is, without a doubt- empathetic and honestly interested in other people’s lives….and with that I was forever hooked on the Guaperella.

In his head he may have been thinking this, but on the outside he was very shiny..

In his head he may have been thinking this, but on the outside, he was very shiny and actually seemed concerned. His forehead wasn’t this blinding either.


A few weeks later, he wrote one of my favorite posts of all time- oh yes, you know the one I am speaking of, do you not? THE post of all posts- it’s the kind of thing that legends are made of, and to one poor, poor, pooooor girl in particular, I am sure he is a legend for many, many (or, at the very least, TWO) reasons….. An Adventure- The First Naked Bar Dance. **Notice the title of that post says the FIRST naked bar dance!**  Friends, this was one of those LAUGH OUT LOUD posts when my husband looks at me and says “what the hell are you carrying on about?”. Yeah, you will have to read it for yourself, for I cannot give anymore secrets away…

I realize that this man in not naked. This was just my way of working it into the post- DanceOWitz G will know why..

I realize that this man in not naked. This was just my way of working this photo into the post.  DanceOWitz G will know why..


I remember that the Guapster was the one who turned me on to The Wombats and that very song linked above. Sometime back in March or April I think, he sent out a tweet that said ‘LET’S DANCE TO JOY DIVISION’, and I’m all like “what the HELL does that mean?”. So I tweeted back “what the HELL does that mean?”, and found out he was at their concert- I fell in love with The Wombats. I am not sure HE remembers the concert, but hey, I’m not judging!  You can always count on good ole GuapleToes to turn you on to some good ole music, I guarantee you that.

Hey, is that you, GuaperMan?

Hey, is that you, GuaperMan?


He rendered me speechless back in April when he surprised me with my very own Birthday post which was completely un-expected. I saved that post in my Favorites Folder and it still kind of makes me all teary eyed when I read it….mainly because of the wonderful photos he chose to bless me with like THIS hometown favorite…..


How could I NOT go all misty over Mr. Pete? HOW?? And now I am re-gifting this precious work of art back to Mr. Guap Tart, because I love him longtime and because I am evil. Yeah.


Ok, moving on….

Getting my serious face on here- bear with me, people!

No matter how much I joke around, make fun of my funny Guapatine, or tell him he’s a complete dork and always will be, he-  and I mean this with all of my Gingery heart- is my friend. He is a loving and doting husband who is so head-over-heels-in-love with his wife (TMWGITU= The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe) that it will make even the coldest of hearts warm to the idea of ‘forever’ with another human being. His devotion to his ailing mother was a fine example of how to be a real man– I have no doubt he put a glimmer in her eye as he puts that in so many of our eyes. I have a brother whom I miss dearly, and Guap reminds me of him- I often find myself thinking “Paul would have LOVED to hang out with El Guapo”- that is not a compliment to be taken lightly as Paul was very picky about his friends- he only surrounded himself with fun-loving and real people. And Guapo IS real- real with his kindness, real with his concern for you, real with his jokes at your expense, real with his jokes at his own expense, real to the fucking core.


You know what? I lied when I said he was my friend… he is my brother…whether he likes it or not.


OHMYGAWD! Where is all of this sappy slappy mushy stuff coming from? Ah hell, who am I kidding? I, no WE, all have a soft spot in our hearts for the Guapper- you would be a FOOL of the most FOOLISHNESS not to!


Oh, and since you are now my brother, and a bit of a fool, it’s time for me to give you the best Birthday Gift of all time….



Please be careful, they can smell fear and will eat you alive.

Please be careful, they can smell fear and will eat you alive.

Ok, fine- I also got you a god damned pony!!!

He's very sensitive, so don't sit on him!

He’s very sensitive, so don’t sit on him!



Now, before I ramble on any further about ‘how great Guap is and all of that happy horse foolishness’, I am going to distract myself with a POLL!!!


Since I can’t seem to get my mind off of his FIRST Naked Bar Dance, I ask you this: Where should Guap dance naked NEXT??


And hey, I decided to bring back our old friend to get us all in a Happy Birthday Dancy kind of mood! Why? Because I’m evil, that’s why!!



P.S. Be on the lookout for MANY more Birthday wishes coming your way over the next 24 hours or so, Mr. Guapstein!