Team Captain


I’m on the losing end of this field
But I told you I didn’t want to play.
Fairness isn’t in your rule book
And I’m left guessing what the next revision will be.


Your uniform is tired and ugly-
Almost unrecognizable again.
You said you would clean it up
And don something new, something improved.


I knew the score was what mattered most
Instead of integrity,instead of honesty.
The broken helmet you gave me
Insured my injury and secured your victory.


Remind me who I am again-
An opponent or a partner?
Show me the ‘Official’ rule book-
And I will memorize every last letter, just for you.


But that rule book is written in pencil
And you get to erase the evidence
Of what I’ve committed to memory
Only to make me look a fool.


You said “Go left”, so I did-
And then said “Why didn’t you listen to me?”.
I see now that “left” really means “right”-
Might this be the reason we keep losing?


The captain of this squad cannot be trusted
When ‘glory of self’ is the target goal.
Somebody poured that frigid water over my head-
And it removed the heavy dirt & sweat from my eyes.


You went out of bounds-
I threw a yellow flag onto the field.
I can now see what you’re doing-
Again, just like before.


Everything in me aches from the tackle-
And I will gladly go on the ‘disabled list’.
Far away as possible from the crunch and confusion-
Of a rogue captain, now playing for a different team.


Even though you like it-
The uniform doesn’t fit you any longer.
It’s a dead giveaway for the secret you want to conceal-
You’ve traded yourself to another league.


You have no intentions of winning on the Home Turf-
Or winning for the Team you built.
The glory you are after
Only comes from Team ‘I’.


I heard the whistle that stopped the game.
Walked back into the locker room before time ran out.
I won’t watch your End Zone victory dance-
Which puts another stain on your shirt.


So turn off the flood lights-
Un-lace my shoes.
I will gladly forfeit this match
Before I cheer for Team ‘I’.