Mid-Afternoon Birthday VLOG Mental Moment




Dearest Friends,


On this day that shall not be named, we are still celebrating the Birthday of everybody’s favorite Divine Miss L, aka, Lizzie Cracked (but not broken)!

Earlier, we sent her on a Scavenger Hunt through WordPress land which led her to a special birthday blog set up just for her. Fell free to click on over and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY if you haven’t done so already!


I still want to give our Divine Miss L some more Birthday love from me to her, so I made a ‘little’ Vlog message for her!



3 things about this latest Vlog:

1) I got a new microphone (YAY) so now it’s really loud! You have been warned- turn me down if needed but don’t even try to MUTE me- it’s impossible!

2) It’s shorter than my last Vlog, but still comes in at 8:28. WHAT? Lizzie is worth that, and MORE!

3) Still a bit blurry because I move around alot. Shocking, I know.


Ok, enough of the small talk- Miss Lizzie,  please click on the shiny link below for some more Birthday celebrating!


Mid-Afternoon Birthday Vlog Mental Moment.