Winter’s Fight

She is steady and intrusive

Unwelcomed by many

But like any good soldier

She knows she must invade the landscape.


Because of her

The daylight surrenders to the darkness

Leaving us with no other option

But to huddle in

With another warm body.


She will sting you with her bitter chill

Yet she will also blanket the ground

With a white canvas

Making the sullen and withered atmosphere

Seem majestic and alive.


We damn her to go

Beg her to forget her calling, her purpose

We plead for respite from the barren soil

But isn’t respite what she brings?


Is not Winter a time for closeness

A period of reflection, a standstill from the chaos?

Her winds whip us into submission

Forcing us to retreat back inside

To seek refuge in our lover’s arms

Or solace in the glow of a child’s face

Reflecting back the dance of embers

From a once cold and dismal hearth.


We sulk over the lack of color

Because the lush and swollen branches

Have been stripped of life and shelter

Ahhh, but Winter beckons us

To see beyond what is no longer there

And witness the stunning and stark contrast

Of a deliciously red Cardinal

Against the muted hue of grey.


Winter allows us to examine

An abandoned nest

Reminding us that life is merely resting

For such a time as this.


An icicle is Winter’s sculpture

Worthy of jealousy from the master’s

Formed by a perfect moment

An organic blend of the elements

Dazzling my eyes, and taking my breath.


On a glorious day suffocated by sunlight

Winter reminds us of her magnificence

As the beams radiate off of a fresh glaze of snow

Bathing us in brightness

Greater than one thousand days of summer.


Her time left is short

The daylight is pushing against her army

Her energy is fading

And she can no longer hold her claim

Over the renewal lying underneath.


Winter begins succumb to another mighty power

And will relinquish her duties

As her prophecy is now fulfilled

She can rest under the care of Spring

Knowing her purpose is great

Even if unwanted-

This is Winter’s fight.