Allow Me To Introduce…..

….My youngest 2 Flesh Eaters….

The Menace- he is 6 and TNT-Girl, she is 5. They are ‘Irish Twins’ as they are 15 months apart. I have to tell you that I was in complete & utter shock when I discovered the OB-GYN was serious when she said ‘You have to take this Mini Pill AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY since you are Breast Feeding or you WILL get pregnant, AGAIN‘. I forgot to tell her I have ADHD and I don’t do ANYTHING at the same time everyday and whaddaya know? I got pregnant, AGAIN. Oopsie Daisy!

 I seriously thought Mountain Man was cheating on me and somehow I ended up pregnant because of it. I still think that theory isn’t too far off base because I really don’t remember being present for her conception. Perhaps I need to stop washing our underwear in the same load?

Anyway, I digress….. They keep me on my un-pedicured and sorry looking toes as you can see from the photographic evidence…


This is what happened awhile back when I was sick in bed nursing a Migraine- apparently the thoughtful Electronic Babysitter and PBS Cartoons were not enough to keep them out of their Big Sisters’ room and OUT of her hand-me-down LIPSTICK.


I didn't do ANYTHING Mama, I Promise.



How YOU doin? Yo.


It took 2 days for it to completely come off. This is why we will NEVER have nice things in our house. Well that AND the fact that we have a small Bank Account, but I blame the children first.

I worry that this is TNT-Girls’ gateway into Toddlers to Tiaras- yet I am not ready for this Princess to start acting like an Evil Queen…. Her Mother is already doing a fine job with that all on her own.