Getting To Know You, Part 2.


(For part 1 of “Getting To Know You”, go here!)


Friends, if you are bored, please answer the following questions!

Friends, if you are not bored, please answer the following questions anyway!

My answers are in Italics.


1) What is your favorite pet name for your spouse/partner/significant other?



2) What is your favorite name for you spouse/partner/significant other when you are mad at them?

Not “Babycakes”.

It may sound something like “Jackass”.


3) What do you like to do to annoy your children, or, for those of you without children, what do you like to do  to annoy other people’s children?

Sing Bohemian Rhapsody as loud as I can when we are all in the car together.



4) Who is your most hated PBS cartoon character?


“Hate” is not a strong enough word for this cartoon.


5) Favorite ingredients to cook with?

Pre food allergies: Butter

Post food allergies: Vegan Butter


6) Who was your favorite Cosby?

The Momma, Claire


7) Favorite way to clean a toilet?

Make one of the Flesh Eaters do it.


8) How many personalities do you have?

3, at least.





9) Do you like cottage cheese?

Only the kind that is on my ass.

It’s very fashionable.


10) Last person you lied to and what you lied about?

Myself-  “No, your ass isn’t any bigger than it was last year!”


11) Favorite Adult Beverage?

Pre-recovery- Vodka with cranberry juice and a slice of lime or Vodka with Red Bull.

Post-recovery- Diet Coke. Sigh.


12) Dream job?



13) TV Shows you hate?

The Bachelor/ Bachelorette

Dancing with the stars


14) TV shows you like?

Ummmmmm, the Olympics?

Just about anything on primetime PBS


15) Brilliant thought of the day?

Passive Aggressive people suck big hairy gorilla balls.


16) Favorite hobby?

Arguing with people in my house.

Eating Potato Chips



17) Things you are good at?



18) Things you are great at?

Cursing and snooping.


19) Things you are awesome at?

Pissing people off.


20) Favorite curse word?

All of the curse words that start with “F”.


21) Favorite people to laugh at?

Myself- I make it very easy to laugh at me.


22) What is your natural hair color?

Whatever color it is at the moment is my “natural hair color”.

Today it is black, last year it was red, and the year before that it was blonde.


23) Are you aging gracefully?

On the inside? No.

On the outside? Yes.


24) What side of the bed do you sleep on?

Whichever side is closest to the window.


25) Complete the following sentence: I have never…..

I have never had love in an elevator.