GingerSnaap is currently experiencing a MomCation Hangover.

 She had alot of fun and is too tired and tooooo cranky to tell you all about her ridiculously exciting trip abroad, so she will leave you with this instead…




Don’t think I didn’t notice y’all!


I will give you a few of my Twitter Treats from the day, though:


*It’s better to have Stalked and lost, than never to have Stalked at all… 

* Stalking begins with a smile, grows with an imaginary kiss, and ends with a restraining order. #StalkingLoveQuotes

*If you judge people, you have no time to Stalk them. #StalkingLoveQuotes #MotherTeresa

*The most important thing a father can do for his children is to Stalk their Mother. #StalkingLoveQuotes

*In my case, MILF stands for ‘Mother I’d Like To Forget’. #Sad

*Your Plus Sized mini Short-Shorts are a travesty to my delicate and sheltered suburban eyes. #MakeIt Stop



**Oh! Oh! And??? I finally figured out how to pretty up that right-hand column over there! DidYaSee? DidYa? Huh? I put my Big Girl Panties on and I did it all by myself & I did not cry once while decorating! Idid say ‘Fuck’ a few times, but that’s better than crying.**


 Y’all have a good evening, ya hear?