3 More Days


3 more days……


It is almost here….




We have 3 days until school is out for 3 months.


3 is my new favorite number.

* 3 Days until we can stay up as late as we want.

* 3 day until we can sleep in as late as we want.

* 3 days until breakfast doesn’t happen until 11 a.m.

* 3 days until lunch doesn’t happen until 4 p.m.

* 3 days until dinner doesn’t happen until 8 p.m. and it is eaten outside in the back patio.

* 3 days until this ADHD chick, who desperately needs structure, will balk in the face of structure & rules of any kind while she meanders thru each day on a whim.

* 3 days until we can run around barefoot all day.

* 3 days until the smell of sunscreen becomes our perfume du jour.

* 3 days until no shirts are required for the gentleman.

* 3 days until bathing suits are required for the ladies.

* 3 days until I backdive off the board at my neighbors pool.

* 3 days until impromptu driveway parties with the ladies in the hood at 9 pm that last until at least midnite.

* 3 days until the free summer movies begin at the Rave Movie Theater.

* 3 days until the dog is worn out from chasing the kids on the go-kart and the kids are worn out from their mama running soccer drills with them in the backyard.

* 3 days until no endless amounts of homework and even more endless amount of paper piles all over the place.

* 3 days until there are no less than 6 extra kids here everyday eating popsicles.

* 3 days until bathtime will consist of a swim at the YMCA pool.

* 3 days until the smell of sweat will linger on my kids heads and feet.

* 3 days until my very blonde children become even more blonde children.

* 3 days until water balloon fights with the neighbor kids and their mama’s.

* 3 days until the hose gets left on for hours on end for the sprinkler and the slip-n-slide.

* 3 days until sidewalk chalk and bubbles become our favorite art medium.

* 3 days until I bribe my children with large amounts of money to ride the big roller coasters at Kings Island because mommy likes to ride the big roller coasters at Kings Island.

* 3 days until we hike to our top secret swimming/creeking hole off the beaten path to collect shells, catch minnows & crawldaddies and come home smelling like algae laden pond water.

* 3 days until we lay on the trampoline in the dark and gaze up at the twinkle twinkle little stars while making wishes that will come true when we sleep.

* 3 days until I have to listen to Marty Brennamen broadcast the Reds games on the radio and laugh because he is cranky & tells it like it is.

* 3 days until I start dreaming & scheming about a way to get back to Chicago for a weekend away on Lake Michigan.

* 3 days until flip flops, summer dresses, and cowboy hats become the new ‘jeans & t-shirt’ attire for this chick.

* 3 days until I catch  more fireflies than my kids because I won’t let them win.

* 3 days until we play endless games of ghost in the graveyard.  “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock…. Midnite, I hope I don’t see a ghost tonite”


3….. more……days……until….

I can live like the bohemian I was born to be, with cute hair, of course.